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DPDT Subminiature Relay

DPDT Subminiature RelayDPDT Subminiature Relay

Detail Specifications

Sub-Miniature DPDT 2A Relay, DPDT Contact, 120Vac / 24Vdc Contact Voltage, 2A Contact Current, 50VA / 30W Load, 0.2W Coil Power, 8ms Operate Time, 4ms Release Time, Silver Alloy Contact, 5.08, 7.62mm Pitch, 21mm Long, 10.1mm Wide, 12.1mm High, 5gm Weight, Sub-Miniature DPDT 2A Relay, A Compact Lightweight Relay for High Density PCB Mounting. Low Coil Power Consumption. Available in 5V, 12V and 24V Versions. Fully Sealed Construction. C-UL Approved, Applications Include Telecommunications and Audio Equipment.



5Vdc Coil Voltage

125R Coil Resistance



12Vdc coil voltage

720R coil resistance



24Vdc Coil Voltage

2880R Coil Resistance