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GS-D Series 1a DPDT Relay

GS-D Series 1a DPDT RelayGS-D Series 1a DPDT Relay

Detail Specifications

Sub-Miniature Relay, DPDT Contact, 120Vac / 24Vdc Contact Voltage, 2A Contact Current, 50VA / 30W Load, 0.36W Coil Power, 6ms Operate Time, 4ms Release Time, Silver Alloy Contact, 5.08, 7.62mm Pitch, 21mm Long, 10.1mm Wide, 12.1mm High, 5gm Weight, Sub-Miniature Relay, A Range of Compact, Lightweight Double Pole Changeover Relays to Give High Density PCB Mounting. Coil Consumption is 360mW. 92/8 Gold Silver Alloy on Silver Palladium Contacts Allows Low Level Switching (1V DC 1mA). Casing is Epoxy Resin Sealed for Washing. BT47 Style Relays. UL and CSA Approved.



5Vdc Coil Voltage

70R Coil Resistance



12Vdc Coil Voltage

400R Coil Resistance



24Vdc Coil Voltage

125R Coil Resistance