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Rwh Series 12a SPDT Relay

Rwh Series 12a SPDT RelayRwh Series 12a SPDT Relay

Detail Specifications

Miniature PCB Power Relay, SPDT Contact, 277Vac / 120Vdc Contact Voltage, 15A Contact Current, 1800VA / 360W Load, 0.36W Coil Power, 10ms Operate Time, 5ms Release Time, AgSnO2 Contact, 12.2, 2mm Pitch, 19mm Long, 15.4mm Wide, 15.5mm High, 11gm Weight, Miniature PCB Power Relay, Power Relay with a Very Low Power Consumption, 360mW Coil for PCB Mounting. Offered in Two Switching Capacities with either 10A or 15A Contacts. Sealed Construction Suitable for Flow Soldering. UL and CSA Approved (12A Type is also C-UL and TUV Approved).


6Vdc Coil Voltage

100R Coil Resistance



12Vdc Coil Voltage

400R Coil Resistance



24Vdc Coil Voltage

1600R Coil Resistance