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Gz-ss 16a SPDT Relay

Gz-ss 16a SPDT RelayGz-ss 16a SPDT Relay

Detail Specifications

Miniature Relay, SPDT Contact, 12Vdc Coil Voltage, 250Vac / 30Vdc Contact Voltage, 20A Contact Current, 3800VA/600W Load, 270R Coil Resistance, 0.54W Coil Power, 20ms Operate Time, 8ms Release Time, Silver Alloy Contact, 5, 15mm Pitch, 29.1mm Long, 13mm Wide, 20.6mm High, 13gm Weight, Miniature Relay, Vertical PCB or Socket Mounting General Purpose DC Relays with SPCO Contacts. 5kV Insulation. 8mm Creepage and Clearance. Industry Standard 5mm Pitch Pinning. Silver Alloy Contacts. UL, CSA and TUV Approved.



12Vdc Coil Voltage, 250Vac 

270R Coil Resistance



24Vdc Coil Voltage

1100R Coil Resistance